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22nd Annual Walk to Save Animals

Right around the corner is the Arizona Animal Welfare League's annual Walk to Save the Animals - on November 7, 2020. This annual event is AAWL's largest annual fundraiser, bringing together a community of people and dogs to help raise funds for homeless and medically in-need animals at AAWL rescues. Of course, like with most things in 2020, the event is now virtual, but I am still excited to participate and support such a wonderful cause.

If you want to support AAWL, there is still time to sign-up for the event, donate to the organization, and of course, a portion of whimsical minis is donated to them as well!

Post Update:

I'll admit, I didn't walk the day of! The weather in Flagstaff, AZ was too blustery, BUT Cody and I were able to walk the following day. We were going to bring the pups, but since the weather was still wintery, we decided they would rather stay in the warm house. The walk went great! We completed it at Buffalo Park, and it even started to snow towards the end. Beautiful!

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