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Through my own self-exploration, I realized it was the small, seemingly inconsequential things that always made my day special.  I realized there was a reason places like Disneyland and books like Harry Potter have done so well. They add magic to people’s seemingly “ordinary” lives. They allow people to feel like a child again; give people permission to dream with reckless abandon. Miracles can happen when a person finds their place of happiness, and big or small, they will pass these feelings on because they are far too glorious to be selfishly bottle-up.

#ProjectWhimsy is my way of trying to pass on these feelings day-to-day. I want to encourage everyone to perform those random acts of kindness, plant flowers someplace unexpected, or paint your garden fence a fanciful color. I implore you to go out into your community and start putting names to those “strangers” you are trying to help. Go put smiles on their faces and make them feel like they have experienced something magical. Learn to care about your neighbor, and make it your mission to fill their day with light and love. Life is too short to be serious. Life needs to be filled with a touch of whimsy.

Arizona Fine Artist

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