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Inktober 2020

Today marks the last day of Inktober 2020, and I am proud to announce that I have once again been able to make it through to the end!

For those who haven't heard of Inktober before, it is a month-long challenge created by artist Jake Parker. It focuses on improving one's skills and developing positive drawing habits. Every day, for the month of October, anyone participating in the Inktober challenge creates an ink drawing, based on the official prompt list, and posts it online.

Each prompt has SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, so once again, I decided to limit my options to things found in Disney theme parks. When you are done looking at my photos, I would like to encourage everyone to see what other artists created for Inktober on social media. It is amazing how creative people can be, and there are some fantastic pieces.


** Below are all the images I created, but if you want to see more info about each photo, I'd like to encourage you to check-out my daily posts on Instagram and/or Twitter.


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