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Meet Cornell, Del, & Floyd!

Three new Charity Whimsies are up and ready to find homes! Each one has its own personality and will brighten up any room. Don’t forget, 10% from each sale will go to Arizona Animal Welfare League!

Cornell the Scarlet Macaw: Cornell is actually a parrot I used to visit every summer at the Catamaran Resort Hotel in San Diego. He is very talkative and loves attention!

Del the Proud Pineapple: Traditionally, pineapples symbolize hospitality, friendship, and generosity – making this miniature painting the perfect house-warming gift.

Floyd the Flamingo: Floyd grew up in the Caribbean and is a big fan of enjoying the beach while sipping on a painkiller. He’s very popular with the ladies and spends a lot of his free time cleaning his vibrant feathers.


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