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We're All Mad Here

Some people might be obsessed with Christmas or can't wait to gorge themselves on turkey for Thanksgiving, but Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I don't care for the gory horror films, but I love creepy films like Skeleton Key or funny classics like Young Frankenstein or Hocus Pocus. Of course, while working on these eight commissioned images, I had to watch Corpse Bride (I can't get enough of Victor's piano solo) and Sleepy Hallow.

Creating these images was pretty straight forward. I'm not a fan of drawing on a tablet or Wacom, so I drew the characters on paper first, scanned them in, and Photoshopped them to hair-raising perfection. Deciding on a background for Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett was difficult, but once I stumbled upon a spattered-blood paintbrush, I knew I found my winner. Another tricky character was the Cheshire cat. It took a lot of experimenting to find the right balance between lines and color.

I would like to reminded everyone that anyone who becomes a patron between now and October 31st, no matter the tier, will be getting one of these prints as a thank you gift. Although, these images are for sale all year long through my Etsy page. :)


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