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Shark Week 2020

I don't know about anyone else, but I LOVE Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. This year, it's making me get a little nostalgic, since it was last year's Shark Week that inspired me to paint "Nancy." Not only was she the first Whimsical Mini I painted (known as a Charity Whimsy at the time), but she was also the first WM I sold. This year, I decided to switch up the style a bit with "Maxine," "Alexandria," and "Elizabeth." There is just something so fun about painting sharks while learning about them. They are available on my Etsy shop -- get them before they swim away!

Speaking of learning about sharks...

Now more than ever, sharks need our love and attention. Overexploitation, shark finning, poor management, negative perceptions, and fear are putting immense threats on shark populations around the world. Without sharks, ecosystems would dramatically change and potentially collapse. We can be the voice for sharks during a time when they need it most. You can help by educating yourself and spreading awareness, not using shark products, reducing your seafood consumption as a whole, and donating to shark conservation organizations.


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